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Cancer treatment options
The Rational Alternative to Standard Protocols

The Rational Alternative to Standard Protocols

Personalized Medicine
Currently, hundreds of drugs and combinations are used to treat cancer patients. With so many choices, how does your oncologist decide which ones are right for you? Generally, doctors use established regimens developed through randomized clinical trials to prescribe chemotherapeutics agents. These regimens are average solutions for average patients. Unfortunately, few patients are “average” and oftentimes these treatments provide measurable benefit for only a minority of people.

“[In July 1999], I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, but that was not the worst news. Within two months of my diagnosis, I discovered the chemotherapy effective in treating most ovarian cancers had no effect on my tumor. The second line chemotherapy treatment was also ineffective.” Elizabeth Panke, MD

What Works for One Does Not Work for All
For most solid tumors, as few as four out of every 10 patients will respond to the accepted, standard treatment regimens. If you are in the 60 percent of patients for whom first-line treatments will not work, you are forced to undergo additional cycles of therapy in an attempt to indentify viable options. When this occurs, you incur higher cost and elevated toxicity. But, most importantly, you lose valuable time—a cancer patient’s most precious possession.

We believe that you are unique, your cancer is unique and your treatment should be too. By applying the results of assays offered at Rational Therapeutics, we can determine the drug or combinations that will most effectively treat your cancer.

Benefits of using the Rational Therapeutics’ Ex-Vivo Analysis – Programmed Cell Death (EVA-PCD) platform:

  • Predictive accuracy – One study of more than 1,200 patients1 established that drugs identified in the laboratory as sensitive using cell death endpoints, were significantly more effective than drugs found resistant.
  • Toxicity – By excluding truly inactive drugs from consideration, you avoid exposing your body to toxic, ineffective treatments.
  • Turnaround time – Our method of tumor testing does not grow or subculture tissue in the laboratory. This enables us to provide your physician with completed results within 7 – 10 days from receipt of your sample in the laboratory.
1. Weisenthal LM, Japanese Chemotherapy Society, 1997

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