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Cancer treatment options
Treatments Based on YOUR Cancer, Not a Clinical Trial

Treatments Based on YOUR Cancer, Not a Clinical Trial

Standard protocols are developed following lengthy and expensive Phase II and Phase III clinical trials. After so much time and money has been dedicated to this research, many patients (and physicians) believe that the recommended protocols are the best treatment. However, according to a published report, only 1 of 14 clinical trials improves survival by 50 percent or more.1 This is often days, sometimes weeks, rarely months and never years.

"He explained that my cancer is very resistant to most of the drugs I was taking and suggested I get an assay test done at his laboratory, Rational Therapeutics. We agreed and Dr. Nagourney withdrew some ascites fluid to assay. He tested many different combinations and found one that might work for me. We immediately started my treatment with his combination of drugs and my CA 125 went from 366 to 9.2 after four treatments!" Read Marcia Scheidler's entire story.

How Rational Therapeutics Improves Your Odds

In a published review of more than 500 clinical experiences2, cell death assays such as those offered by Rational Therapeutics have shown a sensitivity of 94 percent, and a specificity of 71 percent. This means that drugs selected based on your assay results are more likely to provide a clinical response.

I am thankful that I followed through and got the [Ex-Vivo Analysis of Programmed Cell Death] EVA-PCD assay to help me find a regimen that works for me. It allows me to live a busy, fulfilling life. I enjoy seeing my grandchildren, and my husband and I are having fun traveling again. Read Sharon Williamson’s entire story.

We understand that the same drugs that work for one patient may not work for another, even for those with the same diagnosis. To find the most effective treatment for you, living tumor cells are collected during biopsy or surgery. The scientists at Rational Therapeutics perform the EVA-PCD platform on the cells, testing as many as 16 drugs and/or combinations of drugs to determine which is best to treat your cancer.

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